Several qualities of vehicle digicam element

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Compared to mobile phone camcorders, the technological process of automobile video cameras is far more challenging, generally because of its high demands for dependability. Currently, the exclusive specs from the auto digital Car Camera Module   generally have 4 points


1. The module that could hold back the noises during reduced light-weight picture taking, particularly the unit for shooting the rear and aspect of your car, requires that the image needs to be easily captured even during the night.


2. Another feature of the car digital camera module is the fact that side to side observing position is broadened to 25°~135 °. The side to side viewing position of the camera element inside the cellular phone is mostly about 55°.


3. The entire body of the vehicle video camera module is made of lightweight aluminum alloy perish casting, and the substance pricing is substantial. The automotive digital camera element employs lightweight aluminum alloy die casting as an alteative to resin to make certain dependability


4. The mechanical strength and temperature level of resistance of the automobile video camera element will be the decisive criteria. Since digital cameras for active car owner support systems are protection critical parts, they need to also functionality reliably once the power supply system is temporarily interrupted


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